Monday, September 28, 2015

Get Fired Up for Fire Safety!

October 4 - 10 is National Fire Prevention & Safety Week and we are getting fired up! Because we understand the importance of teaching our kiddos about fire safety, we're planning our therapy for next week around this red-hot theme. While planning we found a smokin' website that we think both teachers and students will love! Sparky School House is a valuable resource for fire safety apps, lessons, games, and more. We're all ablaze over the app, Sparky's Match Game, for our little ones.  This fun match game teaches children what fire alarms look and sound like and what to do if they hear one. If you have older students who are burned out on the same old activities, check out Sparky's Brain Busters.  This app is even appropriate for middle school students.  It has many interesting facts and targets WH questions.

We were looking for some new 3 alarm activities to go with our theme when we ran across Teaching in the Tongass adorable Firefighter Clipart Bundle.  It was just so darn cute, we decided we would make a pack of our own to use.  Our Fire Safety Speech & Language Therapy Pack contains fun activities for speech and language practice and reinforcement.  These activities include a short fire safety story (for ipad or computer), story comprehension questions,  vocabulary cards,  defining and describing sheets,  interactive home practice sheets,  sentences with wh- questions, and a reinforcement game.  Click on the picture below to get a free sample from this pack.  This is one of our favorite sheets from the pack for a couple of reasons.  1) The students get lots of practice and repetition of their speech target and 2) It is so easy! No prep and low ink! This is a great go-to activity when you have too many irons in the fire and no time to plan :)

Last year we made a freebie SmartBoard Find the Fire Truck Game that was perfect for using with any skill.  You can still download this game for free if you didn't get a chance to get it last year.  Just click on the link to get this game for absolutely free! :) The students get "all fired up" when they find the fire truck and hear the siren alarm!


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