Saturday, November 28, 2015

What's In Your Cart? Cyber Monday Sale

This year we've done almost all our Christmas shopping online.  It is so convenient and super easy to find what you want. You can also get the best deals that way, too! That's why we are linking up with the fabulous Jenna Rayburn again at Speech Room News to bring you the most convenient and best deals around for the Cyber Monday TPT sale :)
Thanks so much to Jenna for hosting this linky!

Here's what's in our cart for the sale:

Elizabeth's receptive and expressive language packet at The Speech Owl looks like so much fun! To make it even better, it's no print! Yay!

Love this no prep Christmas packet from Mandi at Panda Speech! So many great activities!

This whole body listening activity from Daria at Speech Paths looks so awesome and it is perfect for the holiday season!

While your shopping, please take a minute to check out these great deals from our store:

This bundled set of Morphology Ring-a-Lings includes our drill and practice cards for plurals, possessives, 3rd person verbs, and past tense verbs. This product also comes with sentence facilitating strips to help students produce sentence level responses. Cards include morphemes for /t/, /d/, /ed/, /s/, /z/, /es/ and irregular forms.

This set of Motor Speech Ring-a-Lings includes over 100 color drill and practice cards for apraxia and other motor speech disorders.

Levels include:
Sounds in Isolation
Reduplicated Syllables
VC Words
CV Words
VCV Words
CVCV Words (with changing vowels)
CVCV Words (with changing consonants and vowels)
CVC Words (with same consonant sounds)
CVC Words (with different consonant sounds)

This product also comes with 6 common, functional pacing board phrases, such as "I need help." and "Thank you." Cover cards for each level make these cards easy to organize. Each card is marked for ring placement for easy storage.

This handy print & go packet includes 21 black and white, print and go articulation practice activities. Each activity is open-ended and can be used with any speech sound target. These speech sound practice pages are great for therapy and home practice and are designed to elicit numerous responses. There are 3 activity sheets for the following holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, President's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter.

Thank you for looking! Happy Shopping!


  1. Lots of great no prep options! I love no prep! Thank you!

  2. Your Morphology set looks great - I will check out all of these ideas!

  3. I always need more resources for apraxia- Motor Speech Ring-a-Lings looks wonderful!

  4. I love no prep! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like your motor speech activity. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

  6. All of your Ring-a-Lings look awesome!

  7. Your Ring A Ling Products look so cool! I am going to check them out now!
    -Mandi of Panda Speech

  8. Great list! Anyone with motor speech students should check out your Ring a Lings- it looks terrific! ~Linda

  9. I really like the open ended holiday practice!

  10. These all look great! Thanks for checking out my No Print Language!

  11. I NEED those Ring-a-Lings! Adding both sets to my cart now!

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