Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back to School What's in My Cart

Ready or not, it's that time of year again . . . Back to School for the Best Year Ever! What better way to kick off your school year than with some fabulous bargains from your favorite sellers at TpT! Today we are linking up with Jenna at Speech Room News to tell you about some of the must-have items from our store and to let you know what items we can't wait to get our hands on during the sale :)

If you are looking for some activities to make your life easier this year, check out some of our print and go products. These products require no prep work, and they are all packed full of fun! Your students will adore them!
This product includes 15 mazes which can be used for articulation practice.
Included are picture mazes and word mazes that
target /r/ initial, /r/ medial, vocalic /r/, and /r/ blends.
This packet includes twenty quick articulation practice activities
designed to elicit numerous responses (and practice some math skills along the way).
Each activity can be used with any speech sound target.
This no prep, print and go packet contains 39 pages for practicing the early speech sounds /f,k,g,t,d,j/ from isolation to structured conversation.  Our students love these activities as they get to use a hole punch to complete each task. These pages can be used alone or as the perfect companion to our Early Speech Sound Ring-a-Lings. Use Ring-a-Lings to drill and then use a page to practice. These pages are great for increasing awareness, promoting generalization, and practicing at home.

Now for the items we have in our cart!
We are so excited about this homework packet from Kiwi Speech! So many useful activities!
We can't wait to use these language challenge sheets by The Pedi Speechie with our students!
This bundle by TLC Talk Shop is just what we need to keep our students involved!

Click the link below to go back to Jenna's page and check out what other SLPs are buying.  Happy Shopping!