Monday, February 1, 2016

Color Fun

Don't you love when you come up with a therapy idea and that idea ends up being a fantastic activity for all your students?! Last week we were brainstorming some themes for therapy and unfortunately nothing we discussed sounded good. For lack of another idea, we decided we would center our therapy around colors. After digging through our bin of color activities, we knew we had to do something different.

We created a color game that has turned out to be a wonderful activity for our language, artic, and fluency kids! We designed the gameboard (pictured below) which we also used as a homework sheet. We made a color dice on our SmartBoard and since we aren't always doing therapy in our classroom, we also made a color dice on our iPads using the Make Dice app.  When we were developing the game, we were really just thinking about it being a reinforcer - the student takes a speech turn, rolls the dice, and colors a picture that is usually associated with the color they rolled; but in the end, the game became so much more! When we started playing, we realized there were so many language opportunities available such as vocabulary building, identification, labeling, describing, compare/contrast, categories, and sentence formulation - just to mention a few. Not only was the game great for language, it created lots of speaking opportunities for the students to use their good articulation sounds and their fluency-enhancing techniques as well!

We are so happy with the way this activity turned out, we wanted to share the game with you.  If you don't have a SmartBoard or an iPad available to make a color dice, don't let that stop you! The low tech option works just fine. Just grab a sheet of paper and number 1 to 6. Beside each number write the color words: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and orange and use a regular, old dice :)

Click on the picture and download it for free! Happy Coloring!