Monday, December 7, 2015

Triller - A great app for speech therapy!

During Thanksgiving my children were playing with a new app on my son’s phone.  They were laughing and having so much fun that I had to get in on the action.  I am so glad I did! We had a ball plus I found a new awesome activity for therapy! Yay! I tried it out today with a few of my groups, and it was a hit J
Triller is a music video app . . . Wait – A music video app for speech?  How does that work? Surprisingly, this app is a great tool for both speech and language therapy.  First I’ll explain how the app works, and then I’ll tell you how I used it in therapy.

The app comes with a wide variety of song choices, but the part I like best is you can choose to use songs from your own music library.  That way, you can be sure the song is appropriate to use with your students.  After selecting a song, you can record several clips and the app edits them into one really cool music video.

Now, how can a music video be used for speech therapy? Let’s start with artic. I gave my students a few songs to choose from.  After they selected one, we Googled the lyrics and picked out words that contained each student’s target sounds. After practicing the sounds, the students were ready to lip sync/sing the song and make the video. For language, the possibilities were only limited by my imagination. A few of the language concepts I addressed today included following directions, sequencing, predicting, inferring, and appropriate social interactions. 
The videos can be emailed, texted, or posted to social media sites.  They are a great way to incorporate communication with parents for individual students. I’m loving the videos my groups made and wish I could share them, but due to confidentiality, we just get to enjoy them together in the therapy room.
With permission, take a look at one of my adorable 1st graders.  Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off was the perfect song to practice /k/ final in conversation!
Whenever you need a quick and easy therapy idea, the Triller app is loads of fun!