Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Freebies!

Today we are linking up with Speechie Freebies to offer you our What's in the Stocking? An Adapted Interactive Picture Book. Adapted, interactive books are tremendous therapy tools and have many uses, such as expanding vocabulary, recalling details, increasing mean length of utterance, and increasing attention. Not only do these books promote literacy, they actively engage the student kinesthetically in the reading process by increasing tactile access to the book.

Suggestions for using this book are provided below:
  • Use the picture cards to preteach Christmas vocabulary before reading.
  • Read through the story first for clarity & fluency.
  • When using vocabulary pictures, begin with only two picture card choices and increase the number of choices as appropriate.
  • If using in a small group, pass out vocabulary picture cards and as you read have the students match the cards to the story.
  • While reading the story, allow the students to fill in the missing word (target vocabulary word) verbally or by adding the picture card.
  • Use the picture vocabulary cards to retell the story.
  • Use the vocabulary cards to have students answer questions about the story.
  • Define or describe vocabulary and have students label or identify picture cards.
Click the link below to go to our TpT store and download this book for free!
Happy Friday! We hope you enjoy this FreeBEE!


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