Friday, February 27, 2015

Best Practices for SLPs

My colleagues and I are getting ready to attend the Best Practices for SLPs Conference sponsored by Georgia Organization of School-Based SLPs (GOSSLP) in Atlanta, Georgia on March 5th - 6th. This is one of our only opportunities for continuing education where we actually get to interact face-to-face with other school-based SLPs. We look forward to this conference every year. Not only is it a time for learning, we get to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and eat at The Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Changs! Whoop! Whoop!

This year we (along with Jessica Finch, The Speech Peach) registered to do a poster session at the conference.  Our session is entitled, You Know the Drill! Practical, Fun Activities for Increasing Student Engagement During Articulation Drill & Practice. Research indicates drill and practice has been shown to improve performance by "systematic repetition of concepts, examples, and practice" (Lim, Tang, & Kor, 2012).  Additionally, Weichman & Balfanz collected data showing a 27% reduction in caseload when drill and practice activities were used (2007). We all know drill and practice can be so BORING! That's why we wanted to do this poster session, so we could share our ideas on making drill and practice fun for the students.  Our presentation will include SLP-made low-tech and high-tech therapy ideas, commercial products and apps we like and recommend, and TpT products designed for drill and practice.

If any of our blog followers are from Georgia, please plan on stopping by to see us! We are going to have many of the materials on hand for you to see AND we are doing free give-aways!

For those of you who aren't from Georgia, here's a free sample from one of new packs that will soon be available on TpT. I absolutely love this carnival games pack and I cannot wait to use it with my kiddos! The entire pack is designed to be a fun way to create and elicit numerous speech and language practice opportunities. Click the picture below to download your free sample today and be sure to look for this pack which will be available soon in our TpT store!
We'd love to hear some comments about the free sample if you have a minute to leave one! We hope to see some of you next week at Best Practices! :)


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