Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Valentine's week is always a fun time in our speech classroom. All kids like to make, give, and get valentines, so incorporating valentine crafts is a quick, easy plan for therapy. Lately though, we've gotten burned out on doing the same activities year after year! Recently, I was looking for some fun, new resources online when I ran across a game called Don't Eat Pete! Many of you may be familiar with this game but I had never seen it before. After seeing this game, I started thinking of ways the game could be adapted to be a fun speech reinforcement game. I came up with this really simple game board and decided to call the game, Heartbreaker! While I thought the kids might like the game, I never imagined how much fun they would have playing it! We have had a ball this week and possibly the best thing about this activity is it can be played with Pre-K all the way through 5th grade (and maybe even beyond, our school only goes to 5th grade) with no adaptions needed! Our Heartbreaker Game is included in our Valentine Therapy Pack in our TpT store, but since this is the week for love and kindness, we wanted to share this game with you! Click the picture below to download the game and instructions. We hope you and your students enjoy it as much as we have!



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