Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Getting to Know Your Favorite SLPs

Any of you who know Natalie Snyders, know that she always has the best concepts, and we are so excited about her latest great idea, Getting to Know Your Favorite SLPs!  Today we are linking up with her to tell you a little bit about ourselves.
Who Are We?
Hi! We are Kim Cummings and Angela Wiggins, an SLP duo from small town, Georgia. We are both in our 20th year of “speeching.” We graduated from Auburn University together in 1994. War Eagle! Kim continued her graduate studies at Auburn and Angela at the University of Georgia.  We recently celebrated our one year anniversary on TpT. Yay!
Kim lives with her husband and soon-to-be high school graduate in west-central Georgia. She has two grown children and a son-in-law. She spends a lot of time with her new grandson, Tillman, and her grand dogs.
In honor of #tillmantuesday :)
 Down the road a little south, Angela lives with her husband and 2 children, ages 14 and 16. Pray for her, please!

What Do We Offer?
Just like our name, Sounds Like Fun, we try to create products that make learning fun, but at the same time make a difference (even if it’s one sound at a time). One of our favorite and most popular products is our Articulation Stations. These are independent stations for students to target any speech sound goal. Our kids love these stations and the ownership they provide. We have several therapy packs for different seasons and holidays. These packs include activities to use with students targeting different goals. Another popular product we offer is our language and literacy book companion lessons, such as Grow Flower Grow by Lisa Bruce. These lessons include listening comprehension questions, vocabulary development, a language and phonemic awareness target, and a fun activity.
 Our Dream Job?
We are actually living the dream. Neither of us could think of anything we’d rather do. Why? Because we are speech language pathologists, that’s why!
3 Favorite Things?
We both love chocolate! Kim also loves reading and tennis. Angela loves traveling and Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal :)

Who Else Should You Know?
You should know our friend and colleague, Jessica Finch (The Speech Peach) and Heidi Britz (Smartmouth SLP).



  1. Aw, thanks girls! So nice to get to know you through this post and glad to meet some other Georgia (s)peaches :-)