Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sparklle-y Speech Fun!

Whew! We have been busy, busy, busy this month! On top of our regular duties, we are required to help with end-of-the-year state testing. All my Georgia SLPeeps know what a big deal the new Georgia Milestone assessment is and we are right in the middle of it this week!  With all this craziness going on, we are sssssooooo thankful for the awesome therapy materials we received from Sparklle SLP in the Speech Trading Post! Our kiddos have had a blast using them.

First of all, let us explain how the Trading Post worked and then we'll tell you about the great products we were lucky enough to receive from our trading partner.  Here's how the Trading Post was supposed to work.  Several SLPs signed up to trade an item from their TpT Stores.  SLPs were randomly paired with a another partner.  Each SLP got to pick an item of their choice from their partner's TpT store. The two SLPs traded items, used them in therapy, and then shared their thoughts on the products they received.

We were paired with Sparklle SLP.  Hooray for us! Boy, did we ever get lucky! She had so many great items in her TpT store to choose from.  We especially liked that she had therapy packets available for each month which included several activities that went right along with the therapy our kiddos were doing.  These packets are so darn cute and they have the catchiest titles! We were wavering between her April Showers of Speech and Language and May Flowers of Speech and Language therapy packets and guess what?! She sent us both! I told you we got lucky :)

Both these packets are loaded with speech, language, and pragmatic activities and contain some super cute clip art that goes right along with each monthly theme.  We particularly liked the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow activity in the May packet which contains 8 regular and 8 irregular verb strips. The activity was so versatile and could easily be differentiated by either being a verbal only or a written activity. Our students always like to use dry-erase markers so they especially enjoyed writing the past, present, and future tense of the verbs on the strips.  We even made a game out of it by placing a sticker on the back of one of the strips.  Each student got to keep the strip they were working on and at the end of the session, they flipped the strip over.  The student with a sticker on the back of their strip was the winner for the day :)

We think the best thing about this packet is, that in addition to many great skill specific activities, there are several open-ended activities that can be used with any skill your kiddos are working on! Our students are always up for a competitive game and the Flower Power Reinforcement Sheet was right up their alley . . . and ours too because all we had to do was print and copy and we were all set for therapy! So easy, yet so much fun for our kiddos :)

Oh, and did we happen to mention you can pick up this fabulous May Flowers of Speech and Language packet for only $3.00! That's right, just $3.00!  What a super deal! The only thing we can think of that is better than a great low-priced packet is a great free packet, so how about we give you a chance to win all this speech therapy goodness?  To enter the give-away, follow the link below to our Facebook page, like our page, comment on the May Flowers of Speech and Language Post, and tag a friend!  The winner will be picked using and both you and the friend you tagged will win this super therapy pack :)


  1. OMG, your enthusiasm and positivity is humbling! You rock! Thank you! Lots of luck with state testing too!