Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fire Safety Week

While planning our lessons for Fire Safety Week, we were searching the web to find out why Dalmatians are always associated with firefighters. We came across this cute story on and it sounded just like an answer we would get from one of our students -- A fire truck with a Dalmatian sitting in the front raced past a grandfather and his grandchildren.  The grandchildren began arguing about the responsibilities of the dog. The first child declared, “Dalmatians keep the people away from the fire.” The next child replied, “I think he is good luck charm for the firemen.” However, having the best understanding of dogs, the last child ended the argument, “No, the firemen use the dog to find the fire hydrants!” So with this story in mind, we designed a cute, quick, easy activity to complete during therapy and then send home for homework. After taking a speech turn, the students used paint markers to paint spots on their Dalmatians. Pictured below is an example of the activity. Also, in the picture is another easy art activity for Fire Safety Week.
If you would like either of these sheets, let us know in the comment section :)
 Our students have had a great time playing our “Find the Fire Truck” SmartBoard Game.  This game can be used as a reinforcer for any speech and language skill. It is also perfect for any subject, including sight words, math facts, vocabulary, etc. Students take turns putting out a fire by touching a flame & making it fade out. The student who finds the fire truck is the winner. The best part of the game is the siren sound effect that plays when the fire truck is found! Click the link below to download the game “FREE” from our Teachers Pay Teachers store!

The Fire Safety Assembly at our school was so entertaining and educational! As a "Thank You" to the firemen for visiting our school, our students colored pictures and wrote letters to the firemen. We found these super cute pages for free!  Thanks, Seusstastic.blogspot!


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